November 2, 2013

1:30pm:  The above-mentioned headline leaves one to ponder about the comparison, contrast, or purpose of the three, and Van Jones made it very clear.  According to Van Jones, Martin Luther King, Jr., at the young age of 24 delivered a speech that fell to deaf ears.  The reason, Jones stated was due to the speech revolving around complaining rather  than addressing concerns and the future.  Finally, it was until a young woman by the name of Mahalia Jackson, whispered over to King and said “tell them your dream Martin, not the issues.”  Fast forward to the heart-wrenching verdict on Trayvon Martin’s death, many of our community members went on to address their concerns about gun violence while a few pursued fights that were directed towards, gun violence, racial intolerance, and public safety.

Jones stated if we combine our forces to focus more on directed changes, we could continue improving the future, which provided smooth transition into continuing to build our children and young adults into the 21st century technological workforce.