Quality Education: A Thorough & Efficient Education is My Right!!

What does a quality education mean to you? Jr. Fellows will become a part of the larger conversation through interactions with leaders and experts who are involved in shaping the educational landscape of the 21st century for Newark and beyond. These experts will support fellows in uncovering accurate and impartial conversations on educational policies related to socio-economic achievement gaps, school choice, funding and insights on community-based initiatives supported by colleges and other organizations.


Environmental Justice, Equity and Sustainability: The Grass is Greener, where you water it!

The opportunity to have a healthy life often depends on where someone lives, plays, and works—yes, it depends on their environment! Jr. Fellows will take a closer look into the contributions of local government and community-based organizations and how they work to support a clean, safe and sustainable environment. With the support of environmental experts, Jr. Fellows will understand the laws, regulations and other policy mechanisms that address a variety of environmental problems. These experts will also teach our Jr. Fellows how to assume responsibility in maintaining a thriving and safe environment within the City of Newark for generations to come!


Government: What’s the Deal?

The country’s everchanging political landscape can be a lot to keep up with between the next tweet or post! In developing your skills as an emerging leader, this session will give Jr. Fellows an opportunity to establish in-depth connections through conversations with elected officials at the state, county and local levels. Participants will gain insight on how these politicians balance out their given political duties while assessing the complicated needs and challenges of the demographics they serve.


Health is Wealth

This is much more than a check-up! The Jr. Fellowship program will provide exposure to health policies that serve as vital players in the future of healthcare services both for the City of Newark and globally. Healthcare professionals are poised to have a candid conversation on health and well-being.


Arts & Culture Throughout Newark: Do it for the Culture

Did you know that in 2017 the National Center for Arts Research named Newark as the 9th most vibrant arts community in the nation? Much like our other public policy topics, arts and culture is an important and sometimes undermined piece to the public policy puzzle within local communities. Jr. Fellows will have the opportunity to discuss the value of  policy advocacy for the arts in our community and the challenges that communities face ensuring equity in the artistic landscape within the city through in-depth conversations with policy makers and local leaders in our arts, music, film and media communities.


Professional Etiquette 101: Is Being Polite a “thing?”

As you begin to fill out college applications, apply for internships and go on interviews for a first job, you’ll need to learn how to conduct yourself in a professional environment. Becoming a leader requires a thorough understanding of why manners matter. Jr. Fellows gain necessary skills to meet, greet and make great first impressions with whomever they meet in a professional or personal setting.


For the People, By the People: Human and Social Services

How do we work in the name of policy to care for one another? During this session, Jr. Fellows will have the opportunity to learn about human needs through the health, educational and social lens within the Greater Newark area. Leaders and experts in this field will provide a full overview on the evolving policies that support serving Newark’s  residents into the future.


Safe Space: For All

What is in place to keep Newark safe? Through discussions with local leaders, Jr. Fellows will have an understanding of the strengths and challenges of policy development related to public safety and what initiatives and programs are currently in place to combat those challenges. Jr. Fellows will get a big picture perspective of past policy initiatives and how the changing landscape of what it means to be safe in urban communities have caused a push for reform of these initiatives.


Social Media Do’s & Dont’s (Communications in the 21st Century)

What do we “Meme” by Do’s and Don’t’s? Jr. Fellows will learn all about communications in the modern age and how to diversify their knowledge of the positive and negative implications of social media presence. In today’s competitive landscape, it is essential to be digitally connected without losing sight of professional etiquette that will ultimately lead to lasting success. Jr. Fellows will learn to gain confidence in their public speaking abilities, writing skills and conversational skills. This will make them pros at connecting with those they encounter through networking, for job training and elsewhere.


Creating Opportunities in our Communities

With the changing landscape of the 21st century, vibrant communities depend on the collaboration of community partners and leaders to address how to resolve challenges for the common good. In this session, Jr. Fellows will get an in-depth view of how Newark creates and maintains strategic collaborations to ensure that its neighborhoods can maintain financial, social and civic stability. Jr. Fellows will gain insight on several policy initiatives in place to support a variety of challenges within the city through conversations with local experts.


 Crime & Justice

When we think about crime and the criminal justice system in the 21st century, do we automatically think of the possibilities of justice or injustice?  Jr. Fellows will have the opportunity to explore the world of criminal justice as it pertains to policy provided for federal, state and local government that support processes to uphold laws and prevent crimes to restore safety and confidence within communities. Leadership Newark exposes Jr. Fellows to policy experts and leaders within the criminal justice system in the Greater Newark area to understand the roles and responsibilities of uniformed servicemen and women and how they work to build trust and equity within their neighborhoods to improve relationships with residents.


Money, Money, Money: Financial Literacy and Economic Development

In order to understand how to grow an economy, our community members must first be financially literate. During this session, Jr. Fellows will learn about the meaning of economic development and its important contribution to economic health for growing urban communities like Newark, NJ. Policies that improve opportunities for small/ local businesses, entrepreneurs, workforce development initiatives and ensuring equitable solutions for all in the Greater Newark area will be covered as topics by local experts in the corporate and non-profit sectors.