The Community Leadership Initiative (CLI) is designed to afford Leadership Newark Fellows an opportunity to work toward resolving real community needs. In partnership with a non-profit organization or government entity, Leadership Newark Fellows work to complete a project that addresses an identified public policy issue.

Each year, a competitive process yields a number of proposals from non-profit, government and community agencies, organizations and academic institutions seeking to engage the expertise, skill and energy of Leadership Newark Fellows in projects that will address a specific need and that will advance their mission the community as a whole. Projects are neither nonpartisan nor religious in nature. Project themes range–but are not limited to various public policy initiatives. It is expected that once implemented, the initiative will result in lasting benefits to the community.

Program Goals

  • To allow Fellows to apply leadership capacities and information learned during the course of the Leadership Newark program.
  • To provide Fellows with an opportunity to strengthen skills necessary for successful group learning interaction and dynamics.
  • To provide an opportunity to establish partnerships with non-profit organizations and government agencies within the Greater Newark community.
  • To provide an opportunity for Fellows to interact in a productive, effective manner while working to resolve challenges affecting the Greater Newark community.