Leadership Newark provides a platform for a committed cadre of professionally, geographically and ethically diverse pool of civic leaders to explore new ways to explore and address community concerns in an experiential learning environment.

For nearly 20 years, Leadership Newark has served the Greater Newark, NJ Region in many ways.  To date, more than 600 community leaders at various stages in their career have participated in the organizations flagship leadership fellowship program, with another 300+ per year participating in the other programs and events.  Leadership Newark is the only and most comprehensive nonprofit community leadership program offered in the greater Newark area.

We have developed partnerships with over 300 businesses and organizations through the Exploratory Urban Initiatives and the Community Leadership Initiative. With these initiatives, Leadership Newark fellows have developed community projects such as the Super Neighborhood initiative in Newark, NJ and the Deconstruction/Recycling initiative in Irvington, NJ.  Additionally, there are numerous strategic plans, revenue generating ventures, service learning projects, economic development assessments, master planning research, educational projects and much more that Leadership Newark Fellows have designed on behalf of over 50 non-profits and government entities in the greater Newark, NJ region.

The benefits to those who are accepted to participate in Leadership Newark programs and their organizations include:  enhanced leadership skills, enriched public policy knowledge, a richer and more meaningful engagement in the community; an opportunity for renewed growth as a leader with significant collaborative interactions; and overall action on core values and commitment to the community.  The benefits to the community as a whole include access to a pool of diverse professionals serving and committed to the community; socially responsible leaders with deep roots and historical knowledge who now have an increased ability to effectuate positive change.

In a nutshell, Leadership Newark has been successful in grooming leaders to understand the value of civic engagement and helping them tackle many of the toughest challenges facing urban communities.

Ralph Rodne, LN 2016

Dan DeNose, LN 2014 presenting at IFEL

CLI Presentation at the Institute for Entreprenuerial Leadership

Anthony Alvarez, LN 2015