May 29, 2014

On Tuesday, May 27, 2014, Leadership Newark (LN) invited members of Newark’s corporate community to highlight all of the benefits that LN’s Fellowship program offers to rising leaders in the community. LN’s corporate outreach is intended to encourage the integration of leadership development into local small and big business profesional development programs.  It was a pleasure to welcome new faces to the table, including Audible, Edison Properties, and FAPS, Inc.

The Fellowship program is a two-year course that provides hands-on exposure in order to develop one’s knowledge in the topics and policies that have the highest impact in their community on the local, county, and state levels. The Fellowship program focuses on Public Policy Enrichment, Leadership Development, and the Community Leadership Initiative. The Fellowship’s robust series of seminars and intensive non-profit placements are designed to provide its fellows with an in-depth understanding of how public policy catalyzes change within the city. Fellows are welcomed into our networks, take part in measurable change within the community, enhance their own personal partnerships with colleagues, and truly develop into the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow. According to a 2013 assessment of the fellowship program conducted by the Cornwall Center at Rutgers University, Dr. Roland Anglin et. al concluded:

  • Civic leadership can be enhanced.
  • Leadership Alumni reported that “deep engagement” in Newark’s public affairs grew from 18% pre-program to more than 45% post, and virtually all alumni experienced an increase in their knowledge of engagement with Newark’s public affairs upon completion of the fellowship program.
  • Alumni reported significant increases in social and cultural engagement in Newark, and more than 86% indicated their engagement would continue over the next ten years
  • Overall, alumni also reported that they felt a strong level of personal growth through exposure to training competencies (selected by 70% or more of respondents as “strong outcomes”) such as team building, engaging others in decision making, and listening to others reveal how the fellowship program brings diverse talents together and teaches them to collaborate effectively.

To be eligible, you must either (a) reside in Newark, (b) work in Newark, (c) be apart of a company that serves Newark, or (d) volunteer/worship in Newark. To apply, click here to access our electronic application, or here to download a paper version. For more information, please contact the Leadership Newark office through email at, or by phone at (973) 350-9200.