December 4, 2012

The new website is the launch of a new look for Leadership Newark (LN), the 15-year leadership development organization.  Offering a glimpse into the programs offered, the participants, the funders and LN favorite places and organizations serving the greater Newark, NJ area. The website will offer an opportunity to spotlight LN alumni, read about key local issues, link to a Public Policy Summit scheduled for November 2013, provide an easy link to make a donation and learn about what public events will be scheduled to celebrate LN’s 15th anniversary.

Leadership Newark is a leadership development program for adults who live, work or participate in the civic life within the City of Newark.  The public policy fellowship program was born out of a desire to strengthen the City of Newark’s civic infrastructure through preparing the next generation of leaders to serve in numerous professional, political and volunteer capacities in the largest city in the State of New Jersey.  The 2-year public policy fellowship program attracts a diverse group of professionals representing a wide-range of professions, backgrounds and experiences.  The website gives a glimpse into the vast array of public policy issues the participants debate, discuss and act to effectuate change for the betterment of the community.  According to Mark Chaplin, a graduate from the inaugural class of the program and current board member, he states: “The new website is an exciting next step in the growth of the organization.  It coincides with the celebration of its 15-year anniversary, a major milestone for any non-profit to achieve during these tough economic times.  I am proud to be affiliated.” The website will make it easier to see a good snapshot of the entire organization providing quick links to the executive directors blogs and tweets as well as the organizations facebook and linkedin pages.  “I am proud of our network and their accomplishments and love the idea our website will give us an opportunity to brag about their accomplishments.  LN is a strong program because of the participants and the work they do in the community and I want the community to know how impactful these leaders continue to be whether they graduated in 2000 or will graduate in 2014,” said Celia King, the executive director of Leadership Newark.