December 6, 2012

Join us in giving a shout out to folks in the LN network who have had cause to celebrate. These represent joys and triumphs over the past couple of years, primarily to give the LN family an update on people they know but may not have seen in a while.

We are proud to share and publicly congratulate our participants. Kudos!

Fernando Acevedo, LN’08 – Founder and Principal of Irving Lexington, LLC, founded in February 2012

Elizabeth-Rose Amidjogbe, LN’08 – After earning her JD at RU, she will specialize in maritime law, choosing to further her studies at the University of Malta in Valletta, Malta.  Malta is an island located between Europe and North Africa

Marvin Adams, LN’10 – August 2012 appointment:  Municipal Court Judge for the City of Newark

Annette Alston, LN’03 – Award winning writer recently authored a children’s book in May 2012 entitled: Sheri Berry the Scritch Scratch Cat

Gregory Arvay, LN’03 – July 2012 Newark Star Ledger highlighted Greg’s work conducting interviews on behalf of the GI Go program in search of homeless veteran

Dominic Bearfield, LN’05 – Associate Professor in the Bush School of Government and Public Service @ Texas A&M

Kelly Billingsley, LN’00 – Filmed at her home in March 2012 for season 2 on the OWN network for the AHA moments segment on overcoming challenges

Robert Brown, LN’03 – Funeral Director of Chapels of Eden, LLC, which he owns and operates with his wife Brie Rose, LN’02

Rodney Brutton, LN’01 – September 2012 was appointed as the executive director for New Community Corporation Workforce Development Center

Myra BurksDavis, LN’06 – President/CEO of MBD Strategic Communications, Inc., a company she founded in 2010

Yahonnes Cleary, LN’07 – September 2011 marriage to Marcie Nicole Graham

Diana Dunker, LN’07 – May 2011 became Diana Crews as she was wedded in California

Marcia Dunn, LN’02 – March 2012 appointed President of Newark Network Plus

Lisa Durden, LN’03 – Host & Executive Producer of “The Lisa Durden Show” on Newark’s Cablevision and Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Natasha Dyer, LN’11 – April 2012 joined the staff of the Newark Trust for Education as the operations manager

Rev. Mashod Evans, LN’08 – 2010 accepted the calling to pastor a church in Birmingham, Alabama

Eric Freedman, LN’00 – he and wife Isabella are the proud parents of 2

Rodney Gilbert, LN’12 – November 2012 produced the play A Raisin in the Sun on stage at Drew University

Sheria Garcis Brown Hammond, LN‘02 – Now Sheria Hammock married to Darren Hammock and in October 2012 relocated to Morrow, Georgia

Michael Gerwitz, LN’09 – 2011 celebrated the purchase first home with his wife Ana Marie, LN’08

Jeremiah Grace, LN’10 – December 2011 accepted a position as the Regional Director for Voting for America

Lois Greene, LN’07 – September 2011 accepted a position as Vice-President of Ambulatory Care Services for Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Stephanie Greenwood, LN’10 – 2011 named the Sustainability Officer for the City of Newark

Melonie Grier, LN’13 – November 2012 relocated to Huntersville, North Carolina

Caroline Guirguis, LN’12 – Gave birth to her first child, Kayla Grace on September 3, 2012

M. Sabur Guy, LN’07 –Founder and Principal of Irving Lexington, LLC, founded in February 2012 & celebrated his May 2012 graduation from Rutgers School of Law -Newark

Shane Harris, LN’02 – Gave birth to he 2nd son, Ellison Kendall – October 2012

Leshell Hatley, LN’04 – Founder & Executive Director of Uplift, Inc., a STEM immersion program based in Washington, DC

Antoinette Hill Wright, LN’00 – Founder & CEO of Life Management Institute

Shavar Jeffries, Esq., LN’03 – Currently serving on the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board member, elected 2009-present

Sylvia Johnston Clarke, LN’10, Founder & CEO of Topaz Community Developments Corp. established in 2011

Linda Jumah, LN’06 – Proprietor of Luxe Boutique, a chic women’s apparel shop established in 2011

Kaylyn Kendall Dines, LN’02 – October 2012 accepted a position at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in the Public Relations Department

Alturrick Kenney, LN‘04 – November 2012 Married Jheryn Sims. Currently serving on the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board, elected 2011.

Noah Lichtman, LN’06 – Proud father of his 1st child Esther Chaya

Liza Lopez Figueroa, Esq., LN’04 – August 2011 married Anibal Figueroa

Johora Moore, LN’13 – Accepted in a doctoral program for educational leadership at the College of St. Elizabeth to begin in the fall of 2013

Kevin Moore, LN’03 – Founder & Principal of The Urban Environmental Group

Iveth Mosquera, LN’03 – Elected to serve on the Board and as Corresponding Secretary for the LUPE Fund, Inc.

Stacie Newton, LN’03 – 2011 accepted a promotional position as Director of Marketing Communications and Special Projects at UMDNJ-University Hospital

Anthony Nicotera, LN’11 – August 2012 accepted a position as Director of Foundation Relations at Rutgers University

Kabu Okai-Davies, LN’02 – November 2012 celebrating the launch of his book Redefining CPP in Accra, Ghan

Abu-Bakr Okoya, LN’06 – 2011 accepted a promotional position with The City of Newark in the Department of Finance

Khary Orr, LN’06 – July 2012 posthumous honor and dedication with the corner of Eckert & Seymour Avenues being named Khary Orr Plaz

Titilayo Odion, LN06 – Relocated to Pearland, Texas in 2011

Dr. Stella Osemwegie, LN’03 – December 2011 defended her dissertation and earned a Doctorate Degre

Sara Pena, LN’09 – Elected to serve on the Board and as treasurer for the LUPE Fund, Inc.

Ariagna Perello, LN’13 – December 2012 appointed to fill an unexpired term on the Newark Public Schools Advisory Boar

Genia C. Philip, Esq., LN’04 – 2011 founder & CEO for the Center for Empowerment & Social Justice and in November 2012 celebrated the office grand opening in Newark

Ron Rice, Jr., LN’01 – Currently on the Newark Municipal Council and in 2012 ran in a primary race for Congress in the 10th Congressional District

Roslyn Rogers Collins, LN’01 – 2011 accepted an appointment to be the President of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey

Daryl Scipio Esq., LN’06 – 2012 announced his engagement to Yael Bromberg

David Strathy, LN’13 – August 2012 accepted a new position with Altisource as a regional field service manager

Alyssa Strumolo, LN’12 – 2012 accepted a position with Brick Studios as a project designer

Anna Marie Sykes Gerwitz, LN’08 – 2011 purchased first home with hubby Michael, LN’09

Joi Taylor, LN’04 – October 2012 married Andre Dean

Willie Tolbert, LN’10 – June 2012 authored his first book Complete Deliverance

Mamie Tolbert, LN’12 – November 2012 authored her first book Changing of the Guards

Antonio Valla, LN’12 – 2012 celebrated the purchased of a new home in Newark

Bobbi Walston, LN’03 – Now Bobbi Walston McCoy after marriage in August

Jodi Walston Campbell, LN ’00 – 2011 celebrated the purchased a new home in South Orange

Dwayne Warren Esq., LN’01 – May 2012 was elected Mayor for the City of Orange Township

Caitlin Weaver, LN’11 – September 2012 accepted in a graduate program at Wake Forest University, studying Injury Biomechanics

L’Tanya Williamson, LN’05 – 2012 appointed Director of Newark’s Department of Child and Family Well Bein

Hassan Wilson, LN’11 – 2012 accepted a position as a portfolio analyst with the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

LaVar Young, LN’05 – June 2012 celebrated his marriage to Denece