July 7, 2017

I Need Another Me! So I thought….

Do you ever feel you have so much on your plate – and how in the world will you get it all done by all the deadlines before you???? Do you feel as though you could use a clone? I certainly feel that way frequently. It can be overwhelming and so much so that I wonder if in fact whether I am truly productive at times.

I often think of an old movie – starring Michael Keaton entitled Multiplicity (circa late 1990’s). In the movie, the main character, an architect facing serious challenges between the demands of his job and his family life reaches a critical point. He becomes so stressed he decides to undergo a procedure that will clone him.

Yes, if only I had another pair of hands, more time on the clock, another day in the week, if I could have attended to this or that sooner… I Need Another Me!

On top of everything, I was constantly reminded I needed to start exercising. When was I supposed to do that? While cooking? While driving? While at my desk? Can it be done while sleeping? I Need Another Me!

Unlike the Michael Keaton character, I do not have the option to be cloned. Oh, but believe me – I can absolutely relate. Sadly even back then the thought of being cloned appealed to me. That fact sadly speaks to how long I have been juggling so many balls. Exactly, years ago I could have easily said …. I Need Another Me!

Well, like the rest of busy people in the world, I continue to struggle. However, I do think I found a way to reduce my stress level regardless of my workload, civic responsibilities and the everyday demands of family life.

It may seem strange, but I am reading for pleasure again and I have made time to exercise – no excuses on both fronts. I now realize there is real truth in self-care emotionally, spiritually, socially and professionally.

Incorporating these small, yet important activities for me, although time consuming has been not only fulfilling, but I know I am in a better frame of mind and I get more accomplished on any given day.

Friends, I am feeding my soul. Taking care of self is not selfish but rather a necessity. I have found my rhythm and invite you to find yours.