February 11, 2015

Leadership Newark has a longstanding history of building transformative, transactional, and charismatic leaders that go on to inspire the City of Newark, the great state of NJ, the United States of America, and lastly but surely not least, our world.  Leaders also know when there is room for continued growth, especially when determining what kind of leader one identifies as.

The Harvard Business Review(HBR) published an article that provides insight on helping one determine the type of leader they are.  In a few words, it says the following:

We have to define it ourselves. Leaders must give themselves space, time, and permission, and ask for help where they need it, in order to clearly define the culture of leadership they want to build around them. They must assess – both from their own observations and others’ feedback – how they are living up to it, and make the changes necessary to keep building it on a day-to-day basis.”

To learn how to identify your “Leadership Footprint” read the rest of the HBR article here.