Leadership Newark Chief Executive Officer

Presently, Celia M. King serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Leadership Newark, Inc. In that capacity she is responsible for ensuring a myriad of citizens committed to the City of Newark, enhance their skills and knowledge based on numerous public policy issues, which affect the community. She strives to expand and improve the network of civic and community leaders in the City of Newark. As an advocate of civic participation, Celia takes her role seriously in engaging the public to be informed and involved in the community. Ms. King feels community building requires the development of servant leaders through community leadership programs.

Prior to assuming her current position, Celia worked in the field of healthcare as an administrator for more than 10 years. She is an expert in healthcare planning and total quality management, specifically for urban communities and underserved populations.

Her role involved managing health centers for communities in Harlem, New York, Jersey City, New Jersey and Paterson, New Jersey. She developed strategic plans to ensure growth and expansion of health services in these cities. Additionally, she implemented patient education programs, which involved staff going to the community and sharing information in a potential “clients” territory.

Celia M. King is a former Councilwoman from Maplewood, New Jersey, serving from 1994-2002. During her tenure she served in the capacity of Vice Mayor from 1997-2001. Maplewood is a suburban community of 24,000 in Essex County in which the local elected officials serve in an at-large capacity. In office for 2½ terms, Ms. King’s responsibilities included service as the President of the Board of Health for Maplewood, working closely with the local drug alliance to educate children in public and private schools about the campaign against drugs and Co-Chair of the finance committee.

Celia also established a Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention program, which provides support services for victims of domestic violence. She continues to host a cable show focusing on health issues called “Community Health Watch”. She served as the liaison for the Senior Citizen community in town and continues to be an advocate for older adults working on issues which assists them in continuing to enjoy a quality lifestyle that is affordable.

Celia’s affiliations include serving as a member on the board of the following organizations: Prospect Presbyterian Church; Marion P. Thomas Charter School; Supreme Court of New Jersey District Fee Arbitration Committee; The Newark Foundation for Public Education; Greater Newark Women’s Conference, Inc.; The Jewish Museum of New Jersey; Newark Emergency Services for Families; Family Connections and she also volunteered as a math tutor at Rise Academy in Newark.

Ms. King holds a Master’s degree from Milano The New School University for Management and Urban Policy and completed her undergraduate studies at Syracuse University.